From a Refugee to a Retiree

From a Refugee to a Retiree

Chronicle of an Adventurous Life

Steven Fazekas


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As the title implies this book is indeed a chronicle of an adventurous life. Told in a narrative fashion, this biographical book takes the reader on a five-decade journey from communist Hungary to a Miami Beach retirement. Stephan, the book's main subject, had experienced various incidents, events, affairs, romantic entanglement and dangerous episodes throughout three continents. Luck and providence may have saved him from the not so safe parts of these occurrences. Stephan's eventful life provided him with ample joy and sadness, and of course with enough happiness and disappointments. His less than flawless character may have been the quintessential 'good, bad and ugly' in most of the circumstances, but was never boring and never felt sorry for himself. Stephan's intrepid approach to life is often reckless and heedless yet it is always confident and resilient. The reader might find his life story riveting and perhaps entertaining as well.